Alternate Sailing

Every customer is different and has unique wishes and preferences. With so many cruise trips available, it can take a lot of research to find potentially matching cruises and alternatives for customer needs. With our AI-based solution you can save valuable time and provide clients not only with chosen sailings but also with the perfect cruise alternatives based on individual data.

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Why should you use
Alternate Sailing?

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Customized service for your clients

Our Machine Learning algorithm uses data based on your customer’s booking history, online search parameters or the selection of individual sailings as favorites. Therefore, the individual customer’s needs and interests are reflected in each offer that is provided to you through our api.

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Get alternative cruise sailings your client might not have thought of

Be always ahead of the game and don't risk missing out on the perfect cruise for your client. Cruisewatch automatically compares specific sailing details of your client’s favorite trips to all future sailings. Using over 30 different vectors we calculate an Alternate Sailings score with the most similar cruise trips. Up to the 20 best matching sailings will be returned back and are ready to show to your customer.

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Direct comparison of cruise offers

The results allow you to draw a quick comparison between different sailing alternatives to help your client find their perfect cruise deal.

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Simple and fast usage through api integration

Allowing our B2B travel experts an easy usage and implementation, our Alternate Sailing service is offered via an api published on rapidapi. This allows cruise consultants to insert specific cruises as so-called base trips. According to these base trips, the algorithm calculates the best matching alternatives and provides them through the api.

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Who can profit from our
Alternate Sailing service?

OTAs / Travel Agents / Host Agencies

Putting your customer first is a key priority for successful consulting. Identify customer’s wishes and show them the most suitable alternatives in addition to their precise cruise requests. Our technology takes care of time-consuming research of cruise opportunities and cruise comparison saving time for travel consultants. 

How you can use our data:

  • Optimize your website and cruise result list to display more relevant cruises to your customers.
  • Automation and personalization of newsletters by integrating information about the best matching alternative cruise offers.

Booking Engines & Websites

With our api you can easily customize your cruise search results within your booking engine.

How you can use our data:

  • Optimize your result list by integrating our Alternate Sailings scoring in your cruise search.
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How does our technology work?

We prove that technology and personalization work together like never before. Our technology processes huge amounts of data. The Machine Learning algorithm uses extensive ship and sailing details, pricing data, information about past bookings and individual customer information and behaviour to create the optimal offers for all types of customers. The interplay of our data sets, travel agent data and our self-learning algorithm can exploit the potential of a customized product or service.

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Get our Alternate Sailing api!

Expand your consulting resources now and guide your customers to their best matching cruise. A customized and comprehensive service is of great importance in many industries beyond the cruise market. That's why we can adapt our Alternate Sailing technology to your needs.

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