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​Cruise data 

Without Data there is no AI. This is why we began collecting data in 2013, to develop and train our powerful AI - system. Since then, we have built a huge and unique Cruisewatch database including prices, itineraries, reviews and user interactions. When business changed in 2020, we had the time to reconsider our business model. We realized that this data pool does not only enhance our own business. It has the great potential to help other companies to better understand the travel market.  This is why we now offer an exclusive Cruise Data Service.

Why use our cruise data?

Whether you are a cruise seller, trend scout, cruise operator or consultant, we deliver you real time market developments and insights. Our travel reports help monitor the current state of the cruise industry. Also, they give a solid overview of short-term trends in cruise prices and customer behavior.

We are also open to discuss further partnership and cooperation models, e.g. to help realize new products or services. Not only our data, but our domain knowledge and machine learning expertise enable fast innovation cycles.

​Cruise Price Data

Tracked price changes 

Since we started gathering market data a few years ago, we have now stored millions of price changes. To be precise, our Data service includes the following data basis : 

In total, we have tracked over 30 million price changes on a sailing and cabin type level for the US, Australian, German and UK markets. For the USA we have tracked data not just since 2020, but since 2013.

In addition to collecting US data points since 2013, we have added 34 million price changes for multiple price sources since June 2018. 

This historical cruise price data contributes significantly to making the cruise market more transparent. You are looking for a compact summary? Our Cruise Market Overview gives a daily market update by summarizing the best deals from all relevant cruise lines. 

​Customizable Data Report

Our Data Services are not limited to predefined key figures and topics. You have the option to customize your data request according to the specific needs and requirements of your project and business.

​Regular Update 

Our data is stored daily for each sailing and cabin type for the USA, Australia, Germany and the UK markets with more to come. If you need long-term reports, it is also possible to book travel data updates on a regular basis, e.g. monthly.

Benefit from our database!

Use the sledgehammer of big data to crack what’s beyond the industry’s knowledge. We are happy to discuss your data requirements and personalize our travel market report.

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