Cruise Voice Assistant

Imagine you have a call center with hundreds of calls per hour. Сertainly, you want to understand the call intentions and get further analytics afterwards. This should all be done automatically without a manual process integrated. Cruisewatch has a solution for you! Our Cruise Voice Assistant recognizes and transcribes conversations. The service helps call centers to better understand the call intentions and to offer real-time support. Voice Assistant can produce insightful summaries on what the major call reasons are, what topics are trending, where customers are giving negative feedback and much more. We are looking for mutually beneficial partnerships to integrate and try out our services and you can take advantage of it as soon as today!


Increased Conversions

Our extended cruise knowledge in combination with our AI-driven capability allows you to gain insights into the calls instantaneously. Our solutions can provide assistance in real-time to support your representative. This helps to provide the best service in less time and your conversions will increase.


Call Insights

Our Smart Voice Assistant analyses the customer call and provides a broad overview afterwards. Now you can get an understanding of the purpose of the call on a par with the most frequent inquiries from the customers. Just in one click Cruisewatch is adding smartness to your usual work.


Optimized Productivity

Our Smart Voice Assistant takes over all the manual work, such as searching, structuring and comparing. Now you can focus on the conversation with the customer, providing even better advice, without being distracted.

Real-Time Support

Provide real-time advice to your reps to increase productivity and customer satisfaction. Our Voice Assistant analyses customers calls and finds relevant cruise information in a matter of seconds.


Who can benefit
from Voice Assistant ?

Travel Agencies or Travel Agency Organizations

Online Travel Agencies

Cruise Lines

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Real-time support

The customer has a specific question and detailed information is needed to solve the problem? Voice Assistant understands the inquiries of the call and supports your representatives in no time.

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Voice Analytics

Understand the call intentions automatically without any manual process integrated

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Understanding what the customers like, what topics are the most popular and what are the major reasons they call and use your services is fundamental for any business. Our AI-powered technology can provide you with these insides.

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Available 24/7

The service is fully automated so you can rely on it 24/7/365. Get relevant information anytime you need it.


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