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Headquartered in the heart of Hannover, Germany, we are an investor-backed travel-tech startup. Since we were founded in 2016, we are aiming to innovate the travel business. Today’s goal is to digitize tourism companies and travel experts around the globe. 

We provide AI-powered cruise advice to optimize your conversion rate by digitizing manual processes, training self-learning algorithms, and incorporating the latest trend of technology - ranging  from our market-leading voice analytical tool to email to API connectivity.

​Our Mission

We build tech solutions based on AI to help travel sellers to digitize, automate and personalize advising

​Our Vision

We believe that the latest state of technology should be accessible to every travel seller, independent of the size and tech knowledge

​Our Value

Innovation, Professional fulfillment, trust, passion, data-driven, technology lovers

The World's Best
Digital Cruise Advice

To deliver real customer insights, we combine artificial intelligence with big data. Therefore, we collect information across pricing, itineraries, customer reviews and user interactions. This helps our smart engine to match end consumer's preferences with the brand promise.

Further, to constantly optimize our solutions, we gradually extend our AI knowledge. So we not only apply machine learning methods, but integrate natural language processing. To really simplify the process of recommending and identifying options for your cruise clients.

We believe that the latest state of technology should be accessible to every travel seller, independent of their size and technology resources. The is the reason why we have a solution in place for each business, like

access to our interface (api)

frontend solutions

consumption via email

use via voice

big data, machine learning, natural language processing

​Big Data 


​Natural Language Processing


Our team collaborates with scientists from a leading university specialized on machine learning to always provide new technologies in tourism. Further, we are part of the German AI Association - Germany's largest AI network. Goal is to boost the AI ecosystem in Europe and to drive our innovative use of AI.

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We make travel advice  smarter !

If you would like to enjoy the perks of our technology, contact us!

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