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​Task Automation

​​The duties of travel agents go far beyond mere travel booking. With the constantly changing cruise market, it can be hard to stay on track with upcoming tasks while not losing valuable time on repetitive and often unpaid daily workloads. At the same time, modern cruises expect a streamlined, seamless and personalized service which means a considerable amount of time and effort for the travel consultant. Cruisewatch's automated task assistant helps travel agents automate their daily tasks by identifying relevant pending actions and building a sales pipeline.  Boost the effectiveness and productivity of your workflows and never miss an opportunity for you and your cruise clients again. 


Automated Sales Activity Proposals

Provide the best possible customer advice and start automating your cruise consulting. Our easy-to-use and well-structured interface provides travel agents with a quick overview of all relevant actions. Turn our customized suggestions of different tasks into action with just a few clicks.

Data-based, Customized Suggestions

Our smart AI-based algorithm identifies tasks based on existing customer data that are automatically suggested to the travel advisor by our self-learning algorithm. At a customer level, actions and offers are proposed that match the individual requirements and specifications of the respective client. In order to display the best matching cruise deals, our technology considers all existing data, such as customer information, cruise preferences, the browsing history or the booking history.


Inform customers about relevant price drops, booking opportunities or availability for specific cruises or cabin types they are interested in.  

Timberly Williams

Automated Clustering of Tasks

Keep track of all relevant tasks and never miss the right time to execute them. Our virtual assistant for tasks provides travel agents with different kinds of task categories reflecting all stages of the customer journey.

How can you benefit from our Task Automation?

By integrating Cruisewatch's Task Automation service, you can easily reduce the manual handling of simple tasks. Save time as well as resources and provide a more effective and productive cruise service than ever before. Instead of monitoring price changes and contacting each potential customer separately, our service allows you to automate and improve your workflow. You can even let our algorithm contact your customers in your name and take over when they are getting interested. This way, travel agents can not only reduce their own workload, but also make the customer experience significantly better. Let us do the hard work for you and take advantage of our automated sales activity proposals.

​Get a quick and clear overview of all tasks at hand. This makes the actions for the day and week transparent and plannable

​Handle the communication with a large number of clients quickly and error-free.

​Provide your customers with accurate, up-to-date and customized information on relevant cruise deals thanks to our AI based technology.

​Offer a high-quality cruise service by knowing exactly when and with what deals you can contact a customer.

​Increase your conversions with automated and tailored emails to your clients.

​Use your valuable time for other essential business activities by letting our auto-pilot do the work for you.

Personalized Frontend

We customize our Task Automation service to fit your requirements by building a personalized frontend.

​API Intergration

Our service is offered via an api and can thus be easily integrated into your daily processes.

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Get started automating your work processes!

Always know exactly what tasks are upcoming by using our AI-based suggestions. Whether a customer should be contacted regarding a specific deal, an activation or reactivation, or if there are re-fare opportunities for you. Using our Task Automation software you are able to automate repetitive web tasks and offer personalized, up-to-date and fast customer service. Get to know our already live prototype and request a demo if you are interested!

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