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The World’s Smartest B2B Cruise Advice

The Solution for cruise Sellers 

​25% Increase in Sales
​25% Increase in CSAT
65% Faster Ramp Time
Voice Analytics

The Cruisewatch Interface

Cruisewatch is an AI-based travel tech company. This is why for every inefficiency in the cruise booking process we aim to find a technological solution, and improve your performance. Our goal is to help you master the travel requests quicker yet closer to the client, and our products can be consumed via api, frontend, email or voice. Instead of offering a cruise booking engine and lodging reservations, we focus on the early stages of the cruiser’s lifecycle. This is how we, at Cruisewatch,  empower cruise sellers to provide the fastest and smartest advice possible.


Higher Efficiency

​Why choose us? 

We make your workday easier by removing tedious manual tasks from your hands. Let our engines do the hard work for you.


Conversion Rate

Less manual tasks and data-driven personalization will lead to higher conversion rates and will generate more revenue.


More Focus

We help you to automate processes and we add smartness to your daily life. This helps to focus on your strength: the personal contact with your customers.


Higher Customer Satisfaction

Customers will have a better experience as you can just concentrate on their needs without any interference. They will like it!

Delivering AI-based

Travel Solutions

We’re in the business of making travel advice smarter. Our data-driven cruise technology simplifies your daily travel business so you can fully concentrate on consulting. Therefore, we provide you different solutions that fit your existing sales workflow. Check out our different product families.


Voice Recognition

  • Lower call duration

  • Higher customer satisfaction

  • Higher solution rate

  • Increase revenue

 Carlos Edery, 

Co-founder and CEO of Luxury Cruise Connection 


"The fully automated and cruise specific analysis allows us to optimize our call center activities based on what is actually happening in our call centers rather than what we think is happening. We can build a clear picture of how best to address customer calls and resolve issues seamlessly. It is a winner from Day One because the productivity and efficiency benefits already built into the algorithms learn on the job and get better the more we use them."

Working with the Best Clients and Partners

We make travel advice smarter !

If you would like to enjoy the perks of our technology, contact us!

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