Delivering Smart
Travel API's

We’re in the business of making travel advice smarter. Our data-driven cruise technology simplifies your daily travel business so you can fully concentrate on consulting. Finally.
Therefore, we provide you with different Travel API's that fit to your existing sales workflow.

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Customer Reviews

Save time and resources! Our cruise AI review module analyses, interprets and presents customer reviews giving you a broad overview of cruise ship ratings.
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Cruise Market Overview

You don’t have time to compare hundreds of cruise deals daily? We scan the cruise market, compare travel prices and send you a summary of the most significant developments.
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Cruise Alerts

Get alerted when prices and availability of a watched cruise deal change or a special budget is met. We inform you the second it happens.

Alternate Sailing

Get started with your customized service! Our alternate sailing algorithm gives you cruise alternatives that are individually tailored to your customer.

Price History

Evaluate current cruise prices based on our data! We provide you with an overview of historical price movements to help you estimate the attractiveness of a cruise offer.
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Price Prediction

Gain valuable insights into future cruise price developments! Our Price Prediction gives you forecasts and recommendations to never miss the perfect time to book a cruise.
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Task Automation

Automate your daily cruise activities! Our Task Automation assistant identifies relevant pending tasks and gives you sales activity proposals based on our self-learning algorithm.

Email Magic

Our AI-driven system analyses the request in a moment. It highlights such points as the desired cruise date, cruise line etc. This allows the cruise seller to handle multiple inquiries simultaneously.

Voice Assistant

Our Cruise Voice Assistant recognizes and transcribes conversations. The service helps call centers to better understand the call intentions and to offer real-time support. Voice Assistant can produce insightful summaries on what the major call reasons are, what topics are trending, where customers are giving negative feedback and much more.

More Transparency

The travel market is full of ever-changing cruise deals, trips and prices. We help you monitor those developments and make you able to react first.

Less Complexity

The cruise market is extremely fragmented and complex. Therefore, we filter all the information to provide you with what your cruise business really needs to know.

Highly Personalized

Which product suits your client best? Our self-learning algorithm supports you in making the best decision for your customer.

Better Sales

Sales processes could be much more efficient, right? Our highly automated workflow saves you time and resources to boost your consulting performance.

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Cruisewatch Video Thumbnail How to advice a first time cruiser
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The Cruisewatch Interface

Cruisewatch is an AI-based travel tech company. This is why for every inefficiency in the cruise industry we aim to find a technological solution. And our team constantly works on improving those travel innovations.
Our goal is to help you master the travel market quicker yet closer to the client. To drive your bookings through the funnel, we focus on the early stages of the cruiser’s lifecycle. This is how we empower cruise sellers to give the fastest and smartest advice possible.