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Below are our latest press releases and mentions in the trade press

Cruisewatch braves Covid with fresh capital

Technology innovator Cruisewatch invests in AI-powered B2B solutions


​Cruisewatch raises €1 Million to develop AI-driven sales support technology



Cruisewatch signs up for API Price Alert and Insights



Luxury Cruise Connections setzt auf Cruisewatch  

​KVF/Travel Tal


Cruisewatch trotzt Corona mit frischem Kapital

Technologie-Innovator Cruisewatch investiert in KI-gestützte B2B-Lösungen


​Travel show 2022 : Five Trailblazer competiton finalists/cruisewatch



Cruisewatch becomes associate member of UK Cruise Rrade Body Clia 



​Cruise sellers need a digital transformation

​Travel Tech Show 2023


Cruisewatch develops a voicebot 

​For consulting support of travel agencies and call centers


Cruisewatch Partners with Luxuary Cruise Connectios for AI- Driven Analytics



Cruisewatch sets sail with €1M Round to Expand Tech Tools 



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