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​Customer Reviews

​Most people make buying decisions based on personal recommendation. Our crowd Review intelligence keeps you up to date with current cruise reviews. Using AI-driven sentiment and semantic analysis, we interpret a huge volume of textual online reviews at once. To increase your customer satisfaction.

​Positioning & Trends

Understand the big picture and know exactly where cruise products are positioned in the market from a customer's point of view. Showing the average customer rating for key areas per ship, our cruise review analyzer allows you to easily compare cruise ship ratings and cruise line ratings. Monitor the changes in customer satisfaction by comparing the latest cruise ratings to older ones. This is how you keep up to date with what's happening onboard!

How does our 
technology work?

Cruisewatch wants to analyze not only what people write about cruises, but what they actually mean. This is why we use machine learning and natural language processing to cluster feedback.

At the same time, we derive demographic data (e.g. traveler type) of the customers who write a review. Linking this with the statements of the online customer reviews provides valuable insights into target groups and needs.


​Understand the products 

​Understand the customers


Who can profit from our review analysis?

No two customers are the same. Using semantic and sentiment analysis we can not only gain insights into customer satisfaction and customer sentiments, but also derive demographic information. Splicing this data based on the type of customer, you will be able to make high-quality cruise proposals to your clients.


​Travel Agents

Stay up to Date 

With cruise lines and services changing all the time it can be challenging to keep up to date – particularly on cruise lines you may not sell all the time. With our cruise review analyzer you can quickly see what the onboard facilities are and how important they may be to your customer. 

Semantic & Sentiment Analysis

We offer semantic and sentiment analysis using product review data. Our cloud-based solution can be used on consumer facing websites, for research and education and for competitor analyses.

Quick-to-Read Summary

Our technology automatically transforms the collected data into a summary displaying all rating aspects at a glance. The AI contextualizes feedback and groups the reviews into various clusters. This way we can identify the most positive and negative mentioned attributes of a cruise.

Easy Access Options 

Access customer feedback from your mobile device or tablet wherever you are. You can enter through the data source directly via e.g. CSV or API or through your own data studio access. It’s also possible to get the review results for specific cruise ships as a composite PDF one-pager.

Check out our videos!

Want to be ahead of the market?

Take advantage of our Crowd Review Intelligence today! And since reading and writing hotel reviews, restaurant reviews, or other product feedback is part of our everyday life, our customer review technology can be applied to a variety of industries beyond the cruise market.

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