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Real Time Email Automation

The usual working day of a travel seller is filled with hundreds of emails, along with research and customer contacts. To answer all customer inquiries and to find the perfect matching cruise, you have to search through the booking engines manually. And simultaneously the prices of each sailing and cabin type can change very frequently. Our Email recognition service helps to reduce the manual work and adds smartness to personalize the offer for each individual customer  self learning and automated. 

Automated text recognition and query processing​


Customer email request forwarded by agent

Result automatically sent by email to agent


Our AI-driven system analyses the request in a moment. It highlights such points as the desired cruise date, cruise line etc. This allows the cruise seller to handle multiple inquiries simultaneously. Moreover, it is now possible to access the service by simply sending an email to us, no setup costs required.

​How do you benefit from Email Automation?

​Easy to Access

Just resent the customer's email to us or write your own requests and our AI system will give a quick and detailed answer back. No need to search through updated cruise inventories to find a matching cruise.

​Adding Smartness

Cruisewatch products not only optimize productivity, but also add smartness to each step of your working day.

​Updated databas

The situation on the cruise market changes rapidly and yesterday's cruise prices may be completely irrelevant today. Cruisewatch offers a huge database, which is updated several times a day.

​Available 24/7

Get relevant information anytime you need it, either during the day or at night.

Who can benefit from Email Automation?

No matter how big your travel agency is, you can profit from our Email Magic. As our service helps to reduce manual work, you'll stay on the plus side by adding a little bit of digital to your working processes. Personalize the offer for each customer and optimize your productivity with us.

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Want to digitize your work?

If you would like to enjoy the perks of our technology, contact us!

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