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​Cruise Market Overview

The cruise market is dynamic and complex. To really stay ahead of the game, you as a travel expert would have to manually compare cruise prices and fares not only once a day, but every second. 

But there are tons of travel products with over 1 million cruise prices online. How can any advisor handle this information overload? 

The most efficient option is : let smart maschine scour your data jungle! So you have time for the essential part of cruise consulting : the human. 

​Market Insights

While you are busy consulting, we are busy diving into data. Cruisewatch constantly scans the travel market and analyzes a huge amount of cruise deals out there to always keep you up to date.

Every 24 hours, we summarize the most important market movements for you in one easy-to-understand overview. This cruise travel report not only includes the cruise prices by itself, but interprets them in the context of the market development. This makes you able to identify trends and derivate operative actions for the future.


Total Price Changes

Overview of all price movements last 24 hours.

​Monthly Price Drops

We provide you the number of price drops plus the average price reduction per departure month in one simple time graph.

Cruise Price Drops 
​Ave. Discount


We also put the above information in relation to specific cruise lines.

​Best Deals Today 

According to our value-for-money scoring, we list you the best deals of the day and already provide you with the key facts about the trip.


In this section, we name you the number of cruises that - at that moment - have the best time to book and the ones that show the lowest price ever.

Why is the service 

important for you? 

Save time researching, analyzing and comparing cruise prices and get an easy-to-read market overview. Using huge amounts of data we reduce the complexity for you, present you valuable insights and give you an advantage to your competitors. This way you can use your gained knowledge exactly the way you need it and improve your service and products.


​Travel Agents

​​​​Integrate this specific travel market report into your extranets to have a holistic view on the cruise price dynamics. Save your travel agents a lot of time and give them the opportunity to always be ahead of the game. Receive our Market Overview via newsletter to stay up to date! 

Daily Newsletter

Beside our main product we give you the opportunity to receive the market information via a daily newsletter. Travel experts like cruise consultants can subscribe and get the data well presented in an email.

CSV Integration

We handle huge amounts of cruise data and identify the relevant trends via some data intelligence services. These are finally aggregated in a structured CSV file.

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