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​Price Alerts

​Our Cruise Alert Service tracks pricing and availability of nearly all cruise lines in real time and alerts you of price changes when they happen. With the option to see any price changes or when a cruise hits a desired price, we alert you right aways so you can act fast. And : you are the one who then decides whether you want to forward the travel deal and price savings to your clients or re-fare.

Price Alerts

To make the cruise alerts more specific, you can of course customize them. We offer travel push notifications not only for price drop alerts, but for all of the following events:

         Reduction in the cruise fare

         Increase in the cruise fare

         A cruise is sold out 

         A cruise is back on sale after selling out

         A specific price target is met (you can decide about it individually)


Why should you get Price Alerts?

 To book at a preferred price point & get the best cruise deal 

 To know if and when a cabin type becomes available again


 To monitor the price in the market for re-fare options

Who can profit from our price alerts?

Be aware of all relevant price changes and be able to react quickly. Tracking all prices and their development for the most important cruise lines, our Cruise Alerts will not only save you a lot of time and research, but also give you an advantage against your competitors.

Never miss the chance to improve your product and services for your customers through the knowledge that we will provide you with.


​Travel Agents

Integrate our cruise price tracker into your extranets to make price and availability information visible for your agents. Getting price rises, price drops and again available cruises easily and quickly, you will be able to offer customers the right cruise deals at any time.

Connect Your Apps & Automate Workflows

Our Zapier integration allows you to communicate our alert updates in over 2,000 different services. Doesn't this sound amazing? You decide to whom and how you deliver the information. Some examples of connected services are: Facebook messenger, Email, Slack, Google Sheet & Docs, Trello and many many more.

Travel API & Webhook

Our Cruisewatch travel technology handles huge amounts of data every day. To build up our travel alert service we compare multiple cruise price sources continuously. We offer a unified interface to register observers to price events on a cabin level. The system then pushes the received information into the broadcasting pipeline. The price changes are moved towards HTTPS endpoint (webhook).

Check out how it works!

We make travel advice smarter !

If you would like to enjoy the perks of our technology, contact us!

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