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Price Prediction

With cruise prices constantly fluctuating, it can be tricky figuring out the right time to book the best possible deal. And yet the price of a cruise is the second most important reason to book a cruise and even the most important reason not to book it. In addition to insights into past cruise prices, current pricing and price changes, we aim to give travel agents and cruise operators a glimpse into the future. Based on Cruisewatch's extensive database, our unique price prediction forecasts how the price curve of a cruise will develop until departure. Knowing when to book a cruise for the best price, you will never miss the perfect deal for the dream cruise of your customer!

Predictions on Cabin Level

Benefit from our prediction on cabin level and receive details depending on the desired cabin type.

20 Weeks Forecast 

Saving Potential

We predict absolute price changes per time period.

Time Spans

We provide guidance on future price points for different time spans

Clear Recommendations

Use our recommendations to easily assess the development of the price and whether a cruise should be booked now or later.


Get forecasts for the next 20 weeks with different time spans and price predictions depending on each individual cruise.

Gain insights into the full savings potential for your customers. We provide you with detailed information on the extent of possible price drops to find the best deal for your customer.

With our AI-driven tool you are always one step ahead, those who know the future can make the best decisions in the present. Offered via an api, our data enables a variety of implementations that provide confidence for travel agents and customers in the search for the lowest cruise price and the best deal: 

Newsletter integration: Give customers information on the current pricing situation and help them to select the best offer. Simply advertise sailings with the prediction “book now” and thus drive conversions.

Website integration: Embed price forecasts in the search result list to help end-customers take the right decisions.

Booking system integration: Provide your travel advisors with all relevant information to recommend sailings with a data-based approach.

How can you put our
Price Prediction to work? 


​Travel Agents

The options for finding the best current pricing in the cruise market are very limited. Therefore, Cruisewatch’s Price Prediction service offers a new opportunity for travel agencies to take their consulting to the next level. Monitor the price of specific cruises, discover how much money can be saved and be alerted when a price drops. This way you can not only prevent customers from booking their cruise at too high a price but also update the costs for existing booking and increase your margins.

Smart Consulting 
through Future Cruise Prices

Our user-friendly Price Prediction enables travel agents to get a quick view of future cruise price trends. That allows an easy evaluation whether the current rate is worth booking early or whether it makes sense to wait to book for a better deal. Combining this service with Cruisewatch’s real-time Price Alerts, travel agents can achieve a saving potential of up to 70% from the initial cruise price for their customers.

Saving potential ------- 70 %

​How are big data and Machine learning driving our predictions? 

​7 Years of data collection

Using millions of data points and analysis of historical price curves, we demonstrate that cruise ticket prices are indeed predictable. Accumulating more than 7 years of data, we aim to achieve a prediction accuracy of over 90 %. Cruisewatch's price prediction model identifies different price patterns for various dimensions such as destinations, cruise lines or cruise ships. Using machine learning algorithms we build different sub models for these products and pricing approaches.  To always stay up - to - date, we retrain our model constantly to optimize the cruise price prediction accuracy and to give you precise forecasts and recommendations. 

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Understand future potential with our Price Prediction!

Know the best time to book a cruise for the best price and get the cheapest cruise price for your customers. We assist you in empowering your clients in the previously unpredictable cruise market. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic effects we are currently updating and retraining our algorithms to offer you the best possible forecast accuracy. Starting in June, our Price Prediction service will be offered for the US market.

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