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​Real time Support

Imagine your agent has a call with a customer and technology is supporting him in real-time to answer all customer requests. We call it a hybrid approach where technology helps to speed up and better personalize the advisory. 

How can you get access to our solution?

The access to our solution is very easy. You let us connect to your telephony environment (e.g. via voice over IP or connector) and we listen to your calls while you’re on the phone. That is all you have to do. We do the rest, no technical implementation required on your end.


How can I analyze the data?

We provide you with an easy-to-use dashboard and you can start right away. We also offer access to the data via api, so you can visualize the data in your own environment.

Voice recognition is 4x faster than typing in information!

But that’s not the end of the story. Beside detecting all the customer needs we can additionally connect the agent to our pre-trained and cruise specific service like :

a recommender algorithm which predicts the best future cruise for each customer

a service that offers (better) alternatives 

an analysis about customer reviews to better understand other cruisers’ opinion

the presentation of all former prices including a prediction of the future price curve


Based on this idea we created a 24/7 service that

detect the caller’s needs automatically

displays the information on the screen

pre filters all relevant information automatically.

How can you benefit from our Real time support?

We can process very different calls and logics, e.g.

b2b and b2c facing hotlines

in- and outbound calls

various languages, e.g. English, Spanish, German

service and sales calls


​Travel Agents

You have agents on the phone for in- our outbound calls. We can help you to better understand the call reasons and detect the details automatically. This will help to boost your sales and customer satisfaction.

What kind of automated services can be included in your solution?

Beside the need detection and automated pre-filtering you can add the following services:

Automated link presentation (e.g. link to cancellation policies for a specific cruise line)

Automated actions, e.g. sending an email, setting up an appointment etc.

Alternative sailing algorithm to identify other matching cruises

Best next questions algorithms which recommends the next best step to ask

Several price related algorithms, like historical price or the future price curve

and other

Customer review analysis based on 500k reviews

Get in touch with us to get to know our whole portfolio. We are happy to check how to solve your issues in a most efficient way.  We can also customize a solution just for your needs.

What to expect from our service
スクリーンショット 2022-10-19 13.35.54.png

Is there any technical implementation required?

Yes, as we listen to the calls in real-time, we need to connect to your telephony environment. But this it no rocket science and is easy to implement. Our implementation managers are happy to support.

Check out our videos!

Want to digitize your work?

If you would like to enjoy the perks of our technology, contact us!

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