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​Sold Out Calculator

We dive deep into historical trends of cabin vacancy, and underpin cruise line's reports by counting sold-out cabins on a type-level. Across multiple cruise lines and destinations, we offer a comprehensive analysis of cabin availability, comparing sold-out cabins to all cabin types, from interior to suites, over time.

The Cruisewatch Sold Out Calculator provides you in depth insights of various cruise lines availability, let it be cabins, or number of sold-out cruises. If you are an investment company or hedge fund looking to underpin the occupancy of cruise lines, you can use our calculations. If you wish to cross-check the cruise lines' quarterly reports with your own data, our calculator insights can assist you in data verification, too.


Our model analyzes historical data of over 15 cruise lines to identify how many cabins were sold over time for each sailing.

Historical indicators back to 2015 on a daily basis for all sold out cabin types

We provide raw data in a google spreadsheet

We visualize the aggregated data  

Coherent and conclusive comparison of different cruise lines

Break down on various levels, e.g. cruise ship, destination, quarters,  etc., possible

How can you benefit from our Sold Out Calculator?

If you are a hedge fund or investment company we can compare occupancy data from the cruise lines' quarterly reports on the proportion of cabins sold out at sailing level and enable you to overview trends in ship occupancy. You can easily analyze and validate our reports based on our calculations of sold out cabins. You can easily break down the information on different layers, like cruise line, cruise ship, destination, departure time etc. and compare it to other dates.

You are an online travel agency or sales organization selling cruises? Do you want to know when is the best time to book a cabin type before it is sold out? Our Sold Out Calculator has you covered! By integrating our data, you can provide the information that a cabin type might be sold out soon. This helps your customers to understand when to book and increases your conversion rate.

Historical Cruise Pricing Data 

Our historical cruise pricing product provides customers with two options for accessing valuable pricing information: raw data and aggregation.

Our historical cruise pricing product is an invaluable resource in understanding the dynamics of the cruise industry and making informed decisions about pricing and marketing strategies. Whether you prefer to work with raw data or aggregated information, we have the tools and expertise to help you access the data you need.

Raw data

The first option is raw data, which includes a comprehensive spreadsheet containing above 10,000 lines, each representing a single sailing with current pricing. This raw data provides a detailed view of historical cruise pricing and can be used to perform in-depth analysis and modeling.

Get the most out of our sold out calculator!

You can also bundle the two products or subscribe to a yearly subscription model to get access to all data of the last year. Get in touch with us.

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