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​Cruise Voice Post Analytics

Imagine you have a call center with hundreds of calls per hour. Certainly, you want to understand the call intentions and get further analytics afterwards. This should all be done automatically without a manual process integrated. Cruisewatch has a solution for you! Our Cruise Voice Assistant recognizes and transcribes conversations. The service helps call centers to better understand the insights and derive actions from it. 

Our AI driven textural technology can provide you with the insight your call center agents need to deliver a top class service. Have all calls analyzed automatically every day to help your team learn and grow.

How can you get access to our solution?

The access to our solution is very easy. Just record the calls every day and transfer the calls to us. If you have the metadata available, that would also be helpful (e.g. time stamp, call duration, in/outbound). You can do this via transferring the data to us or we provide you with a cloud storage link. 

That is all you have to do. We do the rest, no technical implementation required on your end.


How can I analyze the data?

We provide you with an easy-to-use dashboard and you can start right away. We also offer access to the data via api, so you can visualize the data in your own environment, e.g. via Tableau.

Our 24/7 service is automatically able to 

detect the caller intention: we detect more than 10 calls intentions, like  booking requests or change of pax information

analyze the call sentiment

identify if the caller intention was solved

summarize the call in a few sentences


How can you benefit from our Voice Post Analytics?

We can process very different calls and logics, e.g.

b2b and b2c facing hotlines

in- and outbound calls

various languages, e.g. English, Spanish, German 

service and sales calls


​Travel Agents

You have agents on the phone for in- our outbound calls. We can help you to better understand the call reasons and detect the details automatically. This will help to boost your sales and customer satisfaction.

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​What to expect from our solution

With this data, you can prepare for FAQ’s and topics can also be addressed on the website or by email, reducing the time agents spend on handling inquiries of a customer support nature. Beside that it allows you to better understand you most important calls reasons and to optimize them. One option is using our real-time support.

Is there any technical implementation required?

No, you only need to provide the calls and the metadata, that’s it. You don’t have to implement any new technology on your end.

Check out our videos!

Want to digitize your work?

If you would like to enjoy the perks of our technology, contact us!

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